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To partner your growth with comprehensive knowledge, impart competitive advantage to your business and enable you to attain geographical leadership in the field of Healthcare.





We work as a part of the Client's team to understand the specific goals & deliverables


Never wavering on Ethics


inputs backed by Knowledge  & Experience

Striving to deliver on time

Always insisting on Quality based Performance

Keeping up Promises & Commitments beyond the call of duty



"The knowledge of many trumps the knowledge of one"


This is the governing philosophy behind the formation of Kyra. We have brought in some of the best industry experts as core founders and alliance partners for the same reason.


​“KYRA” means light or derived from Sun.

The logo symbolizes a growth curve built from the shining starlight of knowledge innovations.


The green colour of the growing curve symbolizes nature, life, healing, nurturing, well-being, balance and vitality. It is also the colour of learning, growth, success and harmony – the colour of healthy relationships. It represents the freedom to pursue novel ideas for expansion and growth with positive energies.


The yellow colour of the star stands for wisdom, creativity and intellectual energy, bringing clarity, optimism, joy and happiness. It is symbolic for stimulating analytical processes and decision-making skills.


The grey colour in the text signifies neutrality, reliability and maturity. It is the colour of intellect and knowledge perceived as long-lasting, controlled, contemporary and professional. Combined with the green and yellow, it suggests positive energy coupled with high quality.

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