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The experience of our team members spans Complete Business  & Operational Leadership, Strategic Business Consulting, Complete Due Diligence from Buy  & Sell side, Fund raising through Debt/Private Equity from the sell side, Project Business & Financial Planning, Market and Growth Planning, HR & Operational Management, Clinical Team Mobilization & Management, Hospital Facility Planning and Architecture, Medical Equipment Planning, Project Management and Turnkey execution of Healthcare Projects. ​Our team members have worked with the best of healthcare delivery and PE organizations at CXO positions, as senior executives, senior consultants and operational heads.


​We have undertaken Due Diligence on Buy side for more than 100 Hospitals & Clinical organizations across different market segments and different kinds of projects. We conceptualize turnkey healthcare delivery projects including Fund Closure, Clinical Team Alignment/Participation, Operational Management Partner engagement. Currently we work closely with Hospital brands, Clinical Teams as well as Investors both from Private Equity space and High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) to Operationally implement Healthcare Delivery Projects/Centres.


In Healthcare Delivery we cater to the needs of Clients such as: 

  • Clinical Teams

  • Hospital Brands

  • Private Equity, Strategic Investors including High Net worth Individuals (HNIs)

  • CSR healthcare initiatives of companies

  • Public Private Partnerships


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